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Where To Find The Money For Rental Property Repairs & Improvements

Income rental property is in high demand, but where can real estate investors and apartment building owners find the leverage to maximize their portfolios and new opportunities? Demand for income property, especially multifamily is booming. Billionaire investor, Sam Zell’s predictions that home ownership in the U.S. could drop another 10% to barely over 50% has […]

Smart Property Management: Protecting Your MA Income Property From The Weather

The recent massive blizzard is a fresh reminder for MA income property owners to be strategic and prepared for anything in their real estate investment portfolio. So what smart moves can help Mass. investors better secure their performance? Major snow falls, wind storms, and other natural disasters can bring a variety of threats to real […]

Severe Weather Hits MA Landlords and Tenants

Both Massachusetts renters and their landlords are finding themselves hard hit by the cold weather. This year Boston.com reports more tenants upset with their property owners, and taking action than before. Unfortunately real estate investors and income property owners aren’t entitled to take off for ‘snow days’. In Boston alone the Code Enforcement department is […]

Branding and Design Tips For Maximizing Commercial Real Estate Returns

When it comes to commercial real estate returns design and branding are far from frivolous. Those that know how to leverage these elements for their investment properties are proving to easily secure double digit improvements in performance. So how can commercial property landlords apply these factors to their investment property portfolio? How Design and Branding […]